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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Catering Event Information

Where do you deliver catering carts?

Anywhere in and around Chicagoland!
Not sure if we’ll deliver to where you are having your event?
Call the office and ask: 847-806-1400

How do I contact Carts of Chicago?

Office number is 847-806-1400

24 hour emergency number is 847-774-6025

What time does Carts of Chicago arrive for my event?

Each event is different but we always arrive between 1 and 2 hours before your start time as a general rule. If your event requires more set-up time an event coordinator will be in touch with you.

Picnics & Themed Events
Events such as picnics or themed events takes longer to set up. For those type of events we would need between 2 and 3 hours before. And if your event is really big we might be there the day before.

For example for the week of opening day of baseball this year we were at the event at 6:30am and the customer told us to wait until 10am. to set up. It was raining and the expressway way wide open at 6am but at 8am travel time was 1.5 hours.

When do I need to give you my final head count?

Everything at Carts of Chicago Catering is ordered made fresh for each individual event. In order to insure we have all the food and staff needed for your event, its best to provide your final guest count 48 hours prior to your event.

What insurance polices are in place for my event?

Carts of Chicago LLC – Liability Insurance
Carts of Chicago, Inc. carries liability insurance for all the food we provide.

Additional Insurance Requests
Any other insurance that is required for any reason is the responsibility of the contracting party, who shall provide evidence of such insurance to Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. when requested.

Outside Services & Independent Contractors
All outside services contracted by Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. for the contracting party carry their own liability insurance. They are independent contractors and are not the responsibility of Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc., nor is Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc.

Are prices on the website accurate?

While we work to keep the website as up-to-date as possible, prices listed on the website may change without notice.

Call the office and ask: 847-806-1400

What is the charge for re-scheduled or cancelled events?

Food & Beverage
There is a 25% charge for all re-scheduled events and a 50% charge for all events not re-scheduled.

Rental & Other
Items out of our control MAY be subject to 100% charge.

Our goal is to work with all of our customers. Many times a party can be moved inside or re-scheduled at work during the week.

If you are canceling on the day of your event it is important to speak with a manager.
Our 24 hour emergency number is 847-774-6025 and the office is 847-806-1400.

What is your Rain/Weather/Cancellation policy?

We understand that you may need to cancel your event.

Our policy is that we will need notice by 7:00 a.m. for all afternoon parties and 12:00 noon for all evenings parties the day of your event or before to qualify for the below charges.

Please call 847-806-1400 with any questions.

Why are my rentals taxed?

All sales from ANY caterer are subject to state and local sales tax per the Illinois Department of Revenue.

This includes all food, labor, delivery and rentals. Carts of Chicago is a catering company and not a rental company. The state of Illinois does allow for rentals to be NON taxed if ordered directly from a rental company. We are happy to recommend several rental companies in Chicago if you want to arrange and manage your own rentals.

Catering Event Ideas

Chicago Ice Cream Socials

The arrival of warm weather in Chicago is reason for celebration!
When Spring and Summer roll around, who could say “no” to a good, old fashioned Ice Cream Social?
It’s time to plan your ice cream event now!

We recommend an Ice Cream Social particularly for our clients who are Property Managers when they want to say “thank you” to their tenants; it’s the perfect way for them to get the biggest “bang for their buck.”

Ice cream is universally popular and with the right vendor, equipment and staff, this type of event is guaranteed to please everyone.

First step is to find the perfect caterer who has the experience and equipment to do the job right.
You need the proper amount of equipment and staff to establish and maintain “flow,” which is such an important element in any event. Especially for those serving upwards of 1,000 guests. Nobody wants to spend their lunch hour standing in line!

The Guest Of Honor at any Ice Cream Socialis, of course, the ice cream itself!

There are so many options for a successful event to celebrate the change of season!

Call our experienced event catering specialists today: 847-806-1400

Indoor Company Events

For indoor company events we offer fun appreciation ice cream services:
A Top-Your-Own Traditional Sundae Bar and an Elegant Ice Cream Flight served in a champagne flute.

We offer many other indoor company event carts also. Browse our Menus & Programsand as long as it’s not an outdoor BBQ or grill, we can probably cater your company’s indoor event… and even include a fun theme!

Call us at 847-806-1400