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Last minute delivery catering company

Planning a last-minute or next day employee event and need reliable, fast and affordable catering delivered?

We understand as you come together with your teams
you may plan a last-minute company event, an employee thank you lunch or a hearty back-to-work breakfast… and our catering company is here for exactly that!


From sunrise breakfasts—
to 3rd shift Grab & Go meal packages—
to same-day on-site ice cream cart delivery and more!

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Each boxed meal is delivered in a paper lunch sack and includes a delicious sub sandwich, bagged chips, one piece of whole fruit and a wrapped cookie.

Bagged Grab & Go Meals make serving your hungry employees, factory workers, essential workers and teams safe and efficient.

Many people ask, can COVID-19 spread through food?

This is what the FDA has shared:
Currently there is no evidence of food, food containers, or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a virus that causes respiratory illness.
Viruses like norovirus and hepatitis A that can make people sick through contaminated food usually cause gastrointestinal or stomach illness. Source Read more here.


Dear Friends,
We at Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. are reaching out for a few different reasons.

We hope you and everyone you care about are safe and healthy. These are crazy times and we hope you are handling the stay at home order with sanity and levity.

We want to reassure you, Carts of Chicago Catering Inc. is an essential business and we are doing all we can to stay on the forefront of following all the best rules and practices for the safest environment for your food and catering needs. We are open every day!

There will be parties again! and we will be there with new, on-trend pre-packed delicious foods for any occasion.

  • Send items like food packages or popcorn to your employees at home.
  • Sponsor a donation to a Hospital, Fire Station, or other essential business that is working tirelessly during this time.
  • Plan a welcome back to work lunch.
  • Have an ice cream cart dropped off to offer cost-effective treats for all your shifts.

Thank you for all the years of support.
We look forward to many more.
Robert Quattrocchi
President, Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc.