Terms and Conditions

Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc Terms and Conditions – as of 8/2022

Proposal pricing is valid for 7 days. Proposals MUST be signed and returned to our office.
Please scan & E-mail or mail a hard copy.
Please call to confirm receipt of signed copy.
A 50% progress payment is required to confirm the event!
The remainder of payment is due the day of the event. You will NOT receive a second invoice.
Please have any changes put in writing for it may change your per person prices.

Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. policy is that we need notice by 6:00 AM for all afternoon events and 11:00 AM for all evening
events, the day of your event, to qualify for the charges below. If you are canceling on the day of the event it is very important to
speak with a manager. The office phone number is 847-806-1400 and our 24 Hour emergency number is 847-774-6025.

There is a 25% charge of your entire bill for all rescheduled events.
A 50% charge of your entire bill will be issued for all events not rescheduled. The progress payment is non-refundable.
Overage Charges – You will be notified when nearing the end of the provided food. If you wish to purchase additional food, you may
do so. The job manager can explain how long this will take and a bill will be administered after your event. Please be aware:
Substitutions of equal value and comparable products may be made to your order based on availability from our supplier.

All sales from ANY caterer are subject to state and local sales tax per the Illinois Department of Revenue. This includes all food,
labor, delivery and rentals. Carts of Chicago is a catering company and not a rental company. The state of Illinois does allow for
rentals to be NON taxed if ordered directly from a rental company. We are happy to recommend several rental companies in Chicago
if you want to arrange and manage your own rentals.

All Permits or licenses needed to conform to the site policies or state or local ordinances are the sole responsibility of the contracting
party. Original permits or licenses must be present at the time of the contracted services and readily available for review by any code
or law enforcement authorities. We recommend you check with the local village/city to see what they require.
* Disclaimer – Any licenses or permits required are responsibility of customer.

We are happy to have an insurance certificate generated for a minimal fee of $39.00 if you require one for your event.
Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. carries liability insurance for the food we provide. Our policy has a 1 million dollar package with a 5
million dollar umbrella policy. Any changes or additions to this policy MAY result in an additional charge. If you would like to see a
sample, please call us at 847-806-1400 and we will be happy to send you a copy.
Any liquor liability insurance is provided by the subcontracted bartending service. Any other insurance that is required for any reason
is the responsibility of the contracting party, who shall provide evidence of such insurance to Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. when

All outside services contracted by Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. for the contracting party carry their own liability insurance. *This
includes all entertainment and equipment including inflatable slides and moonwalks. They are independent contractors and are not
the responsibility of Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc., nor is Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. liable for any inability to perform on their

Customer is responsible for all equipment left on location that is unattended by Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. Staff. This is includes
all carts and umbrellas.

Participation in any children or adult fun activities is undertaken at the risk of each individual participant, with Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. having no
liability under any condition.
Rental of items out of our control MAY be subject to a 100% charge.

No payments received by Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. are considered “preference” payments as described under U.S.A. bankruptcy laws. Customer
agrees upon signing this agreement in the event of default/non-payment to pay all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees, whether or
not litigation ensues. This agreement shall for all purposes be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the state of Illinois or any other state
court located in Cook Co., IL. Customer hereby waives any objection to the venue of such courts or the convenience of such forums. Nothing contained
herein is intended to preclude Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. from commencing any action hereunder in any court having jurisdiction.

Carts of Chicago Catering, Inc. owns all images we capture at your event and can use event photos for promotion, website, brochures, etc.